Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scrabble on facebook sucks

I can't get over the fact that Hasbro has killed facebook Scrabble. Somebody call Alanis, this is irony, folks. The software is so slow and crappy and ugh. And I'm not just pissed that some glitch in the game resulted in my last turn being taken off the board (even though Scrabble doesn't have a challenge mode) and my lovely bingo rack being turned into shite.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Non-Scrabble News

A friend of mine Yaron Koren has a new site up. It's called Referata. It's a semantic wiki hosting site...which don't know, but I bet Referata is the best darn wiki hosting site out there!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was recently hospitalized and had my gall bladder removed. It was all pretty painful and uncomfortable, but there were a lot of good drugs involved. Which is the only way to possibly explain the following dream that I had. I think it's one of those things that started out as a dream, but I woke up halfway through, but was still amused, so I just imagined the rest of it.

So there I am talking to Ugarles' son about his progress through the threes and I say something've got to get better, so someone in that house can give me a good game without using an anagrammer. He laughs and puts his father on the phone and Ugarles says are you going to put this much pressure on your kid? And I say "of course," if you think that child isn't going to hear the phrase "look it's your life and if you want Sidney to be a better Scrabble player than you are, well, I guess that'll just be your choice now won't it." And then I add, though I guess I'll use the name of a child closer to her know, like little Moishe Hooper. Yeah. I'll be all I bet Moise Hooper isn't complaining about learning his Satire rack, no, he's just grateful for a break in the depressing music and the triple draw exercises.

I think this is where I start to wake up because I remember laughing that I've named the as-yet-born Hooper child "Moishe" and I know that no matter what this child ends up actually being named, I will always call him/her Moishe. Just ask Karol about her friend first born child Ephram.