Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scrabble can Mess you UP

I was reading a story in 'Everything Scrabble,' about a guy who challenged the word 'was,' and a young boy who was helping out at the tournament, looked at the word on the slip and said "you challenged was?"
I laughed thinking about the time I challenged 'mere' (meh ray? what the hell is that? I challenge!! I remmeber saying confidently. D'oh)
I had a friend challenge Dupe this weekend "Dup EEE? No way! Challenge."
But that's the way of Scrabble, isn't it?
After a while of trying to think of words that can fit in the three blocks square on the triple line, you can spot UDO and ECU, but CON and DOG suddenly look positively foreign.
And the flipside is also true. I find that I'll always go for the Scrabble word, even though there's a perfectly good real world word right there.
I played Adze(d) in two different games on Saturday. In the first one, my opponent was like "why wouldn't you just play 'daze'?" I was like "huh"? And it took a good minute for me to see the more common word in my tiles.
"Oh...um...I dunno...I just always play adze," I said honestly.
Yet more proof positive that Scrabble messes you up.


Chilly said...

Do I get brownie points for being first to comment?

Dawn Summers said...

Most. Def.

Charles said...

No way. No f'ing way.

Always play the scrabble word. Always.