Monday, June 22, 2009

Albany 2009 Part Two

I've registered for the four day Fourth of July tournament.

Anyone else going?

Hmm...think they'll have a huge vanilla cake at the barbecue for any players who might have birthdays that week? Like any Division 3 players who might have Scrabble blogs and might have just registered for the Albany tournament who might be having a birthday that week? Such a person loves birthday cake. And an outdoor barbecue in Albany strikes me as a perfect place to have birthday cake.


Anonymous said...

i voluntarily opt out of any 4th july festivities. i'll be up in canada celebrating maple syrup.

Dawn Summers said...

Well, don't OD on the stuff. You should probably just have a quirt or two. :)

Ugarles said...

I can't believe you just left quirt there below the TWS. My rack is ADEFHST. What should I play?

Dawn Summers said...

Make your move in wordscraper, bylat!