Friday, July 3, 2009


I only lost one game today. I made some mistakes in that game, but ultimately, she beat me fair and square. Unfortunately, we learned a new word: keto. Actually, that game posed a question for me (and I confess I didn't do the math, I probably should have) and I want to lay it out here.

She bingoes with the word: ioniser. She places it right above the triple word line. I have the word natives on my rack which will easily fit under ioniser. She is ahead by 46 and with ioniser she would be up by 102. My natives would be 89. (Maybe a little less, I am not looking at a board right now.) Of course, ioniser is no good. As a matter of fact that is the senior stem which I think is a top five stem which she really should know at this point. (I've played this lady before, so I know she has been playing for a while.) So I had a decision to make...leave her with these letters (two easily findable bingoes) or accept the phony bingo knowing I had a response and hope to just outplay her to make up the difference?

I'll tell you what I did in tomorrow's edition after a healthy debate in the comment section! :)

Also, I am tweeting my stay here!


Ugarles said...

All I know is that in Wordscraper 89 points isn't much of a play.

Web Hosting Fanatic said...

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David said...

They say that scrabble is like riding a bicycle it comes right back to you. This is incorrect I am just like you when I don't play for a while I do awful

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Ronnie said...

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