Saturday, June 23, 2007


I almost got beat in Scrabble tonight. By some dude. At some other dude's house.
So after hearing me trash talk Jamie a couple of nights ago, this guy casually says "if you want...I'd be up for a Scrabble game."
He is playing poker online and so he says "do you mind if I keep playing this while we play, it might slow down the game a little."
I shrug my shoulders. I haven't played Scrabble in a while, so I was like ok! (No, Jamie, my bingoing on you with my first turn and then eviscerating your lead in the last two plays of your game with Mary, does not count as me playing...and you rifling through the dictionary as you try to figure out what to do with your last tiles doesn't count as you playing either.) Anyway, so this dude draws seven tiles and runs back to his online poker game.
I drew the z, so he got the first turn.
He runs back to the board and plunks down A BINGO: Jasmine.
He runs back to the computer, so I have to count up his damn points. 92.
My saving grace was his assertion that he couldn't challenge me because I "know all those stupid Scrabble words."
I played a million and one phony twos and threes to balance out my rack, until I finally took the lead bingoing with fingers, using a blank.


Alceste said...

Did you blog this at the game??? And isn't it a little sad that you're cheating to win against rank amateurs?

Dawn Summers said...

Dude, to call playing phonies cheating is like saying bluffing in poker is cheating or slow playing is cheating...tis all part of teh game...and that dude was so not a rank amateur..."jamine!" amateur, my ass.