Thursday, September 6, 2007

New GTUAS Feature

We'll call this this "holy mother of God" play.
So, I'm playing online with Texas April and I am sitting their with I play off my bi making ob and bi and sing a little "give me an s and anything but a j, q or y" song. Those are pretty much the words. You say them over and over in a singsong tone until boop boop boop: you get an s and r! You go yay! And then pray she doesn't challenge Ob off the board, making you cry.
Anyway, she doesn't challenge, instead she bingoes with outacts. She takes a commanding lead. But no worries for Dawn, I bingo right back with retains, I'm retake the lead.
And then the holy mother of God play of the game:

SHE PLAYS JEUX through my e in retains to hit the double letter with the j ON THE TRIPLE WORD SQUARE FOR 78 points.

That sound you hear? That's right? My spirit breaking.

Holy Mother of God.


April said...

Ha! Don't worry, it won't last long.

I am proud of that one... was looking at my rack with the juauxeo and thought "Man these letters suck, they're all french-like!" and then like magic they appeared before me in arranged form!

Fisch said...

Why would you play ob? Was fi/exs/ni unavailable?

Dawn Summers said...

You spelled "aww, I'm really sorry to hear that you're losing" wrong. I definitely thought your comment would be about their/there...but I guess you haven't gotten up to that in school.