Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wow! That is a wacky idea


We had a really whacky idea last night!! We wanted to see how many "offline connections" we can make through Scrabulous.

Here's how you can be a part of it:

1. Wear a shirt or a cap that says "I Scrabulous - do you?" (You can buy one from our CafePress Store. It's reasonably priced and we DO NOT profit from it even one cent).

2. Go about your day as you normally would. Make sure you carry your camera phone or, digital camera with you.

3. If anyone approaches you and says that they also Scrabulous, then take a picture and send it to us at fb.scrabulous@gmail.com with your first names and location where you met!

Let's see how many strangers meet like this!



Darin said...

Yeah, that's the first thing I thought too. Not in this lifetime. :)

Fisch said...

But cmonnnn guys. It will be soooo cool.

Charles said...

I was so afraid that I was going to see that shirt at the Crackhouse.