Monday, February 16, 2009


Won my first game by a lot. Got beat by the newcomer in the second, then got my brains bashed in the third. Both of my last two opponents got both blanks and most of the powertiles...I mean really. At the end of teh third game...where he got both blanks, the kue, the zee, the ex, three esses, bingoed four times, he goes "I kind of outtiled you there." Yeah, no shit. It took all that I had not to spit in his face. I'm kidding. Sorta.
Sigh. It's lunch now. I've plummeted to fourth or ninth or a hundredth. Bah. I hate Scrabble tournaments. I'm a world class choker. I should be in a chokers tournament...but then I'd choke at choking and actually win.



Pokerwolf said...

Nice to know that you're emulating your favorite football team.

To not choke when it counts would make you not a real fan. That's some serious dedication, Dawn!

Dawn Summers said...

Shut it! How many superbowls have your team won? (Do not answer that question if you are a Steelers, Cowboys, niners, packers or giants fan)