Sunday, February 24, 2008


I don't know if you've ever been beaten at anything by 300 points, but let me tell you what it feels like. Um...have you ever had a fist shoved down your throat and your appendix removed? Sans anesthesia? Yeah something like. And okay, everything went his way, but I played horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrribly and let him run up the score on me something god awful. Oh my God. My whole body hurts. He tripled tripled, with unposted through an s he left hanging from his previous bingo, because I decided to exchange one letter to complete my satine rack rather than block the triple line. I played jam with the m hanging off the triple instead of jee cause I wanted 13 more points and he bingoed on that triple line with resting. Then he would have been stuck with the q, but I wasn't tracking, was down by 200 and didn't give a shit, so I played kins on the triple line and he played qats on the triple for another 48 points. Suddenly, I missed the days when I was down by 200 points. I'm 8-2, but this game wiped out my spread and unless I can run up the score on my next three or four opponents, this game likely cost me the tournament.
And deservedly so.
And the worst part! THE WORST PART! The guy's name is MARWAN!! Where's Jack Bauer when I need him.

Groan/ What the Fuck

So, I get back from my horrendous loss to find that my next match is with...MARWAN. AGAIN.

I explain to the tournament director that this must be some kind of terrible mistake. But no.

8-3. Back to back losses to fricking Marwan. At least I kept my deficit to two digits this time. A high two digits. Hmm..I'm just going to go ahead and call this one ball of loss. 8-2.

8-4. Finding new and even more idiotic ways to lose.

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