Saturday, February 23, 2008

Live blogging Saratoga

I'm playing in my first multi-day Scrabble tournament. I played in the early bird yesterday and got brutally crushed in only two games, so I feel pretty well matched to the competition. I ended up with an abysmal 2-5 record, but still had a positive spread. I should have been 3-4, but I am an idiot.
In what should have been the final play of the game, I realize that my opponent is stuck with the q. She has only one place to play qi, which she has on her rack. I can block it by closing off the line under axe. I decide: 'Yes, I am a genius!' I close that she can't go out and I win. I am doing a jig in my head. I have truerls on my rack. I can't play the s, cause she will just put down qi for qis. So, of course, GENIUS that I am I play the r. HA! That'll show her. She challenges axer instantly.
It's no good.
She plays Qi.
I throw an epic tantrum. (Which in Scrabble is basically, just throwing tiles down anywhere, no longer keeping score and then walking away from the table without helping to clean up.)
If I wasn't such a bitch, I'd be ashamed of myself.
Anyway, this morning, I won my first match. I bingoed twice...stalked and relation...though I hung the n off the triple line and she punished me with a sixty point play of zany. Pretty much wiping out my bingo. I wonder if pows was good...which is how I hung stalked.
I play the lady I threw the tantrum against yesterday next...

Whew. Beat her pretty handily. Bingoed on triple line with entasia...couldn't for the life of me remember the other bingoes in that rack...for shame. Must brush up on satine rack study. I was super nice to her and an excellent scrabble citizen. I'm sure yesterday's unpleasantness was forgotten. In a disturbing note, I lost ratings points after yesterday's early bird tournament. NG. My friend Adam has been I told you soing me all day. Arrgh.

Not so random thought...I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board. I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board.I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board.I will not pay $100 for a new Scrabble board.

Even though the one I have is cracked and doesn't spin and fills me with shame.


I'm drawing well, but playing even better. I made one glaring mistake. PLayed a K, for Kir and Ki, leaving the only too hookable ki just sitting there, even though I knew my opponent had the blank. I've done this before and it has cost me games, you'd think I'd learn. Well, I think I finally have. In my last game I almost played kis and then I remembered. Then I almost played yes and realized that could be turned into eyes! Whew.
I am playing very strategically. My third game was against this girl that can only be described as punk kid! Mostly because that is what I will describe her as now. So, this punk kid is all playing fast and I'm all...girlie, I invented playing fast. She eventually got so frazzled, that she started taking like five minutes a turn. Her clock was down to three minutes with half the tiles left. And then I just screwed her. I kept exchanging one or two tiles, the board was fairly closed, so she'd have to take another three minutes looking for a play and then she'd score two, maybe eight. I'd play off her turn and then repeat. In the end, she lost 100 points on time alone. When the bag was finally empty, I went out and she was left with a j and a w on her rack, so I got crazy points from that too.
The game I just played was against this guy. I thought he looked mean, so I wanted to crush him. I drew HPMCATN as my first draw and he was going first, so I was a sad panda. Until he said "exchange three!" And then I so happily played champ. I then drew a blank, s, e, d and an i. I knew there were a billion bingoes there, so I kept playing with the tiles until I found density for a double double off champs. Woo hoo. He bingoed back with ruinate the next turn, but I handily outplayed him the rest of the game. Though at one point he totally cheated, but I didn't say anything. Though I don't know why. Anyway, I beat him by 125 points and I'm third in my division right now. The two women who crushed me yesterday are first and second and I play them this afternoon. I just gotta pray for super mega fantastic tiles against them and places to score big.

OMG, those two women both lost their last game...I'm in first place after the half. I'm going to throw up.

Good gravy, still undefeated. 5-0. My first opponent just came up to me to say 1) I was her only loss and 2) She knows I played a phony on her. D'oh.

I play one of the women who trounced me yesterday I'm expecting the first loss of the day.

Sigh. 5-1. Drew bad, played okay. She drew okay and played well. Result, first loss of the day. Stupid ilex.


I am 7-1 with a spread of +463. I am atop the leaderboard. ATOP. THE. LEADERBOARD.

Everyone is talking about me because they don't know who the fuck I am.

My last opponent yelled at me and told me to "chill out." Did I mention I play a little fast?

My opponent before that said he can read my face like a children's book. He is probably the most defensive player I have ever met in my life. I played, brrr in that game. I've always wanted to play brrr. And tsktsks...someday. I beat him by 21 points and he made us recalculate every play for the whole game. Turns out I beat him by 23 points. That was vindicating.

We break till tomorrow...ahem...what's that in my throat?


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