Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not that you could tell...

But I have been playing a veritable crapload of Scrabble. These days I'm usually out in some diner or coffeehouse with the Scrabble crew playing mini tournaments or at weekly Scrabble club playing the regular tournament. I'm even playing the most Scrabulous on facebook that I've played since my last operation recovery. It's all Scrabble all the time. Unfortunately, the last time I studied was the SOWPODS twos and threes in Australia, which means 1) I'm not really learning new OWL words, besides remembering the stuff that gets played on me: paniers...WTF? So I've kind of plateaued. AND I still remember all the SOWPODS crap and I've come so close to playing SOWPODS twos...oh why is OO not an OWL word? WHY?
So basically, I am crushing the informal tournaments, I rarely lose more than two in a night (and by night, I mean all hours of the morning...I'm the youngest in the group, but I'm always the first to leave and I feel so weak shutting down at 2 or 3 in the morning, but dude, I've got to drive back to Brooklyn!) there are two players that I have never beaten...though I've come close to beating the one of them. However, at the club I reverted back to my horrendous 1-3 records. Until tonight! I triumphantly returned to .500 status with a crushing 474 vs. 299 game against John Lithgow's ex:


In her defense, I did draw all four esses and both blanks. But in my defense, man did I use them! Failure was my proudest's hard finding a place for a bingo with no ess...and yet I managed it. And come on Failure? With a blank? Who sees that? Me. That's who!

Though embarrassing moment of the night was opening up a triple line and getting bingoed on with both blanks...he claims the play was worth 103 points...I didn't say anything because I was too in shock, but I think he screwed me.
Me played Dank. Moron.

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Charles said...

I think HE got screwed. It was 9*9+50=131.