Thursday, March 20, 2008


I hate Scrabble. I quit Scrabble. I will never play Scrabble again. Or something like that my post was gonna go if I lost all four games tonight. It's weird, when I got to Honors --where Scrabble club is played-- I really felt like I was going to have a good 3-1/4-0 kinda night. It was a light crowd due to the Christian holidays and I dunno...I've sorta been studying. But the thing about light crowds that I oft times forget...they're the diehards. And they're better than me. I lost my first game to this kid, then I got stomped by an old man, and then this lady kicked my ass. Funny thing about the game with the lady, the director of the club has taken an interest in helping me since my showing at Saratoga, so he watched over my shoulder as I played the game. She was crushing me by hundreds of points, but in the end, I ended up losing my high two digits. I said something like "well, at least that wasn't horrible." And without missing a beat, he goes "that was horrible." He then pulled out various racks that I had during the game including stated? and showed me the bingoes I should have played. "You're not always going to have satire or satine...if you're waiting for that all day, you're going to miss big plays, Dawn. Shuffle your tiles!"
that stated? will haunt me long time...everyone who was listening was like "starter" "toaster!" And I was like "fuck you!" "bite me!"
Anyway, my last game was against a man that I've never beaten. He's a really strong player that was having a baaaad night. Which meant my night just got worse. I was given the matchup and I groaned. This will be my first 0--4...I wasn;t even 0-4 on my first day.
"Against Ed?" The director said snorting "you can beat him."
I can?
I looked at his card. I do have a higher rating than him. Okay! I can beat him. I will beat him!
We drew to see who went first. He won. I was sad.
But he exchanged five tiles and I went first with Hare.
He then play qis/share for 40 points.
I was sad.
He was outscoring me horribly, until I made a move on him and played moe/mae for 36 points. I insta went to draw tiles out the bag and he challenged moe too late.
"Sorry, already have my tiles." I said looking like I was sorry, but I so wasn't.
He seemed rattled after that.
He played scone down a triple line, giving me a place for my bingo tiniest.
Then I drew both blanks...I had bacar?? There was an open t...I think that made baccarat, but I wasn't sure how to spell I played off the ba and then bingoed with scarred.
He played putz with the z on a double letter and the p on a double word score for fifty plus points, but he hung the z over the triple line and I played zeta for 39.
I ended up winning by 35 points.
So, my resignation from Scrabble is on hold...for now.

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