Sunday, March 16, 2008

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

B train, duh. No, I kid.

A 535 game for Dawn! Three bingoes, no prememorized racks and only using one blank!

I was 3-1 on the night. My one loss was by one was sad, but tonight really cemented the importance of studying to get better. The last game of the night:

I played the eight letter bingo 'guylines' playing through an l and using two blanks because I had been studying the rack lingye the other day. In that first game I found indulge because at the Saratoga tournament I had the rack dueling and there was an s open. I knew duelings wasn't good, so after the game I went and anagrammed it. I also learned the five words formed with the letters in tagline after I had atingle once, but couldn't figure it out.
Anyway, I think it's obvious that my bingo abilities have gotten better because of my studying and I need to suck it up and put that effort in learning the fours and fives.


Alceste said...

What happens to poor Scrapple after Easter when all your manic energy is turned back to poker?

Dawn Summers said...

Um...that's not my problem.