Friday, March 14, 2008



I played Scrabble with Fisch yesterday. He conceded this game after I back to back bingoed and he back to back unsuccessfully challenged. This made me happy. And then we played a game a for money and I also won.

He then chose to wreck the board:

And then paid me my money. This also made me happy.

He is a very good player though. Every game is a sweat. But mostly cause I can't regulate the heat in my apartment.


Fisch said...


What about the 8 games in between? What about my 8 game win streak?
What about the fact that I Was 8-2 on the night?


Dawn Summers said...

Huh? What? Get your own Scrapple blog.

Charles said...

Did you take that picture with your foot?

Charles said...

Alternate comment: That's some good mazel, yo!

Charles said...

Second alternate comment: Fisch, why do you continue to engage in the politics of hate?

Fisch said...

Because I care, Charles. Because I care.

Fisch said...

Second alternate comment:

We just doubled the lifetime amount of comments this blog has gotten.

Dawn Summers said...

Hey, not the lifetime of the blog...exceeds total 2008 numbers though.

Bullet said...