Thursday, July 5, 2007


So, the other day Fisch, asked me why I kept losing at the clubs. I decided the reason was my attitude. I figured they were better than I was, so I expected to lose and did. Today I went in decidedly determined to win. Twice as many games as before.
With my attitude changed, turns out that wasn't the problem.
People at clubs know that "jart" is not a word ---(thanks fischelstupidface) and they are also able to bingo back to back and make bingoes with the x and z, so that you cry. Vortexes!
My first game, I spent too many turns fishing to complete my bingo racks, so that even though I bingoed twice, I still lost by 76 points.
(Although new milestone: that was the most anyone beat me by and I finished the day with a positive spread!)
My next guy, I opened with a phoney: alonged...hoping he wouldn't challenge...but he did.
Then I accidentally played a bad two AND he not only challenged but asked me if it was my first time playing. I wanted to stab him in the eye.
Despite losing my first two turns, I stayed pretty even with him the whole way and then at the end bingoed out on the triple line with panters --hooking the the s onto ka.
He was deflated. I was smugly satisfied.
"Oh well, since it's the last play, I guess I'll just challenge it."
"Oh. It's good. My friend played that all the time...people who pant." I said all adding up my points and licking my lips and rubbing my hands together.
The director walks by, barely glances at the board and says "it's no good."
I'm all -- WHAT?? WHAT?? I want a second opinion.
I get one.
This is when we invented the "how much do we hate fisch?" scale.
He managed to play off his q for 33 points and so even though I bingoed out the next turn with parents, it wasn't enough and he won the game by 16 points.
I cry.
My next game was against a blind old dude. The tiles were size of a human hand. We used spatulas to slip them in place on the floor sized board. I kid. But they were HUGE print.
He opened with the bingo tensive. He followed that up with the bingo Throated.
I cry.
But then a beautiful thing happened...he would take like 15 minutes a turn. He played throated, I immediately played lung. He played whatever his next word was, I immediately bingoed with vaseline. And so on until even though he had like 430 points, he was getting a 250 point penalty on his clock alone.
Woo hooo! Victory. Mine. Suck. It.
My final opponent was a twenty something Jewish girl, who challenged my bingo teenies off the board.
I came back with weenies. She didn't challenge that.
She was pretty good, but I played a couple of phonies on her -- including agilier -- hahahahaha, so I won the match by 79 points.
July: Dawn's month of Scrabble!


Charles said...

On your last play of the game you chose a fischword instead of parents? (Also good: pastern)

Charles said...

How about a guy who plays locker room pranks (pantser?)

Dawn Summers said...

hhahahaahha pantser. But yes, I went immediately for the word I recognized because my clock was running down and I assumed it was good, so it was worth exactly the same as any of the other real words in the racks, except that it was there now rather than costing me time to find another. Grrr. Fischelstupidface. I can't wait until I am so awesome that he can't beat me and then ima pwn him in front of his kids.

Fisch said...

How do you know about my kids???? Who else knows?

Charles said...

What other comments....

I have a vision of you challenging "veldt" and then him laying down "fart" and saying 'do you know that one'?

I also can't believe old dude let you get away with Vaseline.

Fisch - by the time she is able to pwn you, you'll probably have kids old enough to understand the game. All that time parenting will sap your word knowledge.