Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am David (Dawn)

Ok, so I'm still a .500 player. BUT. Tonight I played three players that beat me in the past and a really good regular that I hadn't played before.
Well, I should preface this post with the following: The Scrabble club is divided generally into two houses, the experts and the intermediates. The experts are pretty evenly matched, they are playing competitively -- some have even won it all. Stephen Fatsis, the author of WordFreak, played in the expert division last week. Intermediate, on the hand, is pretty much everybody else. Anybody else. In intermediate you find your experts who just like to go 4-0 by playing in the intermediate level and you find the guy that'll use and s and a blank for 24 points. I fall squarely in the middle.
However, tonight I was matched with one of experts cowering in the intermediate level. His name is Steve and he pwned me before. And when I challenged apod or haed, he summarily invited me to "read a dictionary sometime."
So when he was my first game, I figured "oh well, get ready for a beating.
But we bingoed early, found a way to play the x on a double both ways, didn't make any challenges and just kept matching him point for point including my favorite play...he hung a m on the third row from the triple and I remembered the word Limn from watching Akeelah and the Bee a hundred million times and I played it! Plus, I slipped a pretty big phony by him and he didnt challenge. I beat him by 23 points and he just sat there in disbelief. When the other like beginner intermediates heard I had beaten him they were so happy. The hole room was abuzz that I had beaten the bully of the playground. Read a dictionary indeed.
Unfortunately, my camera is busted and it doesn't look like I can post pictures from it. :(


Charles said...

"hole room"? You should read a dictionary.

Fisch said...

you found a way to play the x both ways?
Does having the x and having a good spot for it constitute "finding a way"?

Dawn Summers said...

yes. i am so looking forward to the day i make you cry. you'll be 0-3, bensinger. 0-3.