Thursday, July 26, 2007

Online Scrabble

So, I've just gotten into playing Scrabble online -- on facebook, not the irc thing everyone always suggests to me. I played irc once and got yelled at by some douchebad in the United Kingdom because I didn't say "hi" to him fast enough. And then he disparaged Americans for having bad manners. And then I provided him with evidence. It was a whole thing.
But I like the facebook online game, mostly because I can play with my friends and play at work, as opposed to um...blogging. I've had two really close games with Fisch, though I am currently being crushed and one close game with Chugarte which is still ongoing and for which I received this note today ("If I play a phony to make you laugh, will you promise to challenge it and then play a phony back so we can be right where we started?") Which in itself made me laugh. It's like the pact that Fisch and I have to allow the other to hook "bylewski" onto Prez without challenge should the opportunity ever arise. Well, I think we have the pact, he doesn't like when I ask about the status of pacts.
Anyway, I have to say I do miss the tiles and the spinning of the board -- though I DO NOT miss counting my own points and having to read the board upside down because you're playing on a stationary set with some old lady. My two favorite plays so far have been when there was a z hanging over a DWS with a g underneath and an n to the left of the DWS and I put down "ix" making zig and nix and getting double word scores on both the x and the z in one play.
My second favorite play was Fisch's when I bingoed with Lushing down the second to last row on the left(and he accused me of cheating even though its a very obvious make an ing ending and see whats left kinda bingo. Jackass) And the G was dangling on the square right diagonal to the TWS and he played quay down the side for 101 points. It was beautifully disgusting.
He probably cheated.
Now, I'm not sure what kind of readership this blog gets, my ego can't handle putting a sitemeter in, but if you're on facebook and want to play, drop me an email at clareified at


Fisch said...

Yea, I anagramed quay. Cause on my rack it said qyau and i couldn't for the life of me figure out what order I should put them in. ;)
As for's me and charles.

Alceste said...

hey - I read it too! (I figure if I can't read clareified, I might as well stop by here every once and a while)

Charles said...

doesn't look like we're playing a game.

Alceste said...

So, should I sign up on Facebook to help improve your online Scrabble stats?

Dawn Summers said...

Yes, please. Though not playing with Fisch anymore, should also help.