Monday, August 20, 2007

Coz we all like to Scrab

I think I have 14 Scrabulous games going right now. Including my personal nightmare, a three person game where I can't play phonies. I am getting my ass kicked. I hate regular games so much.
The word mun has been played on me three times in the last two days. I challenged it the first time. Doh.

Of course, as awesome as online Scrabble has been, nothing beats actual tiles. I played Scrabble with some people from the club tonight and won two out of three games. Ugh I played the phony tearies AGAIN cause I couldn't remember what word was there. Seriate. Aeriest. Idiot. Maybe that'll help me remember. I did manage to bingo with zaniest with the z on the triple letter AND Heating where I hooked the h onto fe and the e onto ar. It was beautiful. My opponent plum lost his mind when I played zaniest and decided to exchange four tiles three times in a row. I crushed him something like 478 to 242. And then I got him to challenge limn! My favorite akeelah and the bee word. He lost the challenge and gave up.
We like crushing people.


Fisch said...

zaniest is cool..zeatins is cooler.

Dawn Summers said...

zeatins didnt fit. I hooked onto jet. I did play acetins against his wife and she challenged it. I then drew the h and j and was able to use the triple line acetins opened to make haji. Cost her the game.

Alceste said...

i don't think you're getting your ass kicked so much as we're getting hit by the tiles -- and thanks for the whole rearrange your tiles to form suffixes blog tip from a couple of weeks ago -- once again, everything I've learned about scrabble I learned from Scrabble on the Brain :)

Dawn Summers said...

Dammit. This must be how Fisch feels.

Alceste said...

There's a long way to go for that I think -- still no way I can win in a challenge game -- the fact that I play "satan" and it gets rejected rather than challenged by one you keeps me afloat