Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lifetime of Scrabble Tilt

I will be on Scrabble tilt for the rest of my life after the game I just played. First, I hate playing badly. But, I especially hate playing badly against an asshole.
Here's what happened. He drew the tile closest to a, so he goes first.
He says "pass." Now, any idiot that has played Scrabble for one frickin day knows that there's only one reason someone gives up double score advantage. A bingo rack that needs one letter. Ergo, therefore, any idiot knows to exchange tiles, unless they have a seven letter bingo. I, evidently, am less than an idiot, so I play pond. He bingos with hollowed. I then play three turns for single digit points trying to complete a satire rack. Which I do, I then spend three full minutes trying to find a bingo that I should already have memorized. I find it, but I decide to play a PHONY bingo which hits the triple. WITH A RACK THAT EVERYONE has memorized. He challenges. Of course. He then blocks my bingo lane. So, I spend another 6 turns with single digit plays drawing to a satine rack. Cause yeah my rack was the problem. I then bingo again, hooking an s onto tae. Which I am fairly sure is no good. He challenges. And in the end, I have something like 130 to his 542. And then he says "well that wasn't pretty. Looks like you get the mercy rule."
Kill me. And I still have two more dang games to play.
Mood: Glum.

UPDATE: I lost those two games. Including my last match, which was supposed to be the 'gimmee' against the woman that asked me to help her get better.
And at the end, when I just wanted to take my 1-3 self and get the hell outta there, I had to wait ten minutes for these newbies to finish their game because they were playing with my clock.


Fisch said...

Yea, you don't play very well when you're awake.

Dawn Summers said...

:( I wasn't trained to play during normal hours.