Friday, August 24, 2007

Scrabble rule the twentieth

So, I went and violated Scrabble rule the ninth and taunted Fisch out of his online Scrabble retirement. He has mercilessly killed me in something like eight games straight. Which leads me to believe online Scrabble is rigged. Because I'm just not that bad. I'm not. I can't be.
However, today, out of defeat, I salvaged the pride in playing the player.
(That's the rule right there in case you missed it.)
All winter Fisch and I had been playing hours and hours and hours of Scrabble, and no one remembers win/loss records or anything like that, but sometimes a play or two will just stand out for some reason. Like there were five days in a row where he would play ricier or riciest or ricy even though all derivations are invalid.
And then there was the time I played outseer. And Fisch challenged it. And I was sad when it wasn't in the book.
Then today, I have outseer on my rack again, and I'm losing by about a hundred and I've had the crappiest racks of all time. I need to bingo. So...I play outseer. And I hope that he remembers that I've played that word before and lets it go. And in fact, in the chat he writes:

Fisch: outseer
Fisch: i seem to rem that...but it wouldnt make who outsees?
Fisch: grrr
And I play it totally cool.

Dawn: ive played it b4 dingus
Fisch: hm did i sucesfully challenge it be4?
Dawn: of course.eyeroll
Dawn: riciest!
Fisch: 80 points...ahhhh...i dunno....ok ure turn.

He didn't challenge it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
I laughed. A lot. I laugh still.

I love this game.


Fisch said...

and the streak rolls on...

Stephanie said...

Do you want a Spanish Scrabble board? I´ll get it for you, but then you have to play in Spanish with me.

Dawn Summers said...


Fisch said...

If you say anything to Dawn starting with the words "do you want" she will answer sure.

Do you want another beating, Dawn?

Dawn Summers said...