Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scrabble lesson the ninth

F-train: I don't read your Scrabble blog.
Me: mmm...I can tell.

F-train came to visit me in the ghetto, braved the evils of Times Square to buy a Scrabble set and violated his previously declared "I wont ever play you in Scrabble anymore because you know 'words'" rule. And for all these amazingly nice things from a guy known as "assface," I did not blog about our game. F-train, on the other hand, went and told my Scrabble tutor about my three mistakes in the game. So, after being mercilessly taunted by Fisch for the last two days because I let said assface play "Fi" on me, while I was too busy looking for a bingo with the tiles: deeitss. (I came up with sedites and desisters, but F-train challenged them both off the board.) I have decided to set the record straight on my 300 point destruction of F-train. Reenactment style.

Well, ok, we're only going to reenact one particular series of genius moves on my part. Never mind that I got him to challenge the word destain or that I played yi on him without a challenge or that in the middle he was crying about his bad tiles and how he needs a handicap.

F-train decided to adopt a closed board strategy on me, which actually is a pretty good road to take...if you know a lot of high scoring three and four letter words and all the possible hooks. F-train. Does. Not.

So, he plays something -- I don't remember what, but I pluralize it to make the word soja. Which he doesn't challenge, even though I needle him to.


This leaves both the J and the a hanging in double word scoring lanes. I have QDITESA on my rack, so I can make a word with the J on the double,but Ftrain will probably take that, I just hope I'm able to dump the q on that double word after he plays.

F-train thinks for a long time, periodically saying "I know you want that j", but instead he exchanges! HA!

I'm about to play Jet, when I decide for rack sake, dump the q and the d. So...I make


F-train doesn't challenge. I draw y, a, n. Boo. Stupid y.

Plus, I figure he'd definitely take the j double word now. But no!

He plays:


And then triumphantly says "well at least I blocked you." (Better play would have been playing the o under the j.)

At first I was mad because he did block jet...but then I saw that really, he gave me a way to play the y off with the j for the double word.



And so, boys and girls, today's Scrabble lesson: you mess with the get the horns.

I now await Fisch's comment of "Fi."


Fisch said...

Fi..I mean..Hi I just started playing scrabble recently and I was curious as to how you didn't know one of the 2 letter words? You play at clubs and you have a scrabble blog, but you don't know your 2s?
It doesn't even look like a word.
You're no student of FIsch.
Cause he knows his 2s.

Fisch said...


Dawn Summers said...

You have a problem, Sir.

Alceste said...

I just dislike the arbitrariness of what's a scrabble word and whan't not - why are the notes of the major scale (do re mi, etc.) Scrabble words but the notes on the chromatic scale (di, ri, fi, si, li) not Scrabble words (and yes, I know two of those words are Scrabble words with different meanings)? It doesn't make any sense...

Charles said...

I've never heard a song about the notes of the chromatic scale.

Dawn Summers said...

If Scrabble were easy everybody would have a Scrabble blog.

Alceste said...

Well, I definitely remember having to sing all the notes - do, di, re, ri, mi, fa, fi, so, si, la, li, ti, do --- yearghh! The pain should at least be compensable in usable scrabble words...

Dawn Summers said...

Alceste singing. HAHAHHAHHAHAHA...totally worth the humuliation of having a Scrabble blog.

Fisch said...

I just wrote a new song we can all sing:

(Sung to the tune of "Dawn is stupid")
Fi Fi Fi Fi lalalala Fi Fi Fi lalalalala Fi Fi Fi lalalal Fi Fi

loona said...

Alceste is correct - according to

fi (prounounced fee) - the solmization syllable used for the semitone between the fourth and fifth degrees of a scale.

I'm surprised "fi" is not a scrabble word.


Charles said...

Do, a deer. A female deer;
Re, a drop of golden sun;
Ri, a chance to sing it again, but its too soon to go back to Do;
Mi, a name I call myself;
Fa, a long, long way to run;
Fi, the price to sing this song;
So, a needle pulling thread;
Si, you shouldn't sing this song;
La, a note to follow... si?;
Li, an Asian guy I know;
Ti, a drink I have with Li;
that will bring us back to do, do, do, do...

Dawn Summers said...

hahahahahahaha, okay who's gonna start the petition to make fi a valid Scrabble word?

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