Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bright Spot...Finally

I am playing a college kid from Michigan. I am scoring very well, I had three 41 point plays in a row. He then bingoes with the two blanks making avenue. I start to fall behind, but then he plays aid right under the triple line and I bingo on the triple line making booties/said. I am back in control, but my rack is all oooopar. Awful. I play troop for eight, he then bingoes with shadier hooking an Ess to the front of Maze, for SMAZE!! What the Bleep?! I insta challenge. It was good. Pout. He starts talking about how he hoped I would challenge that cause not that many people know it blah blah blah. I want to strangle him. He is now in the lead and its his turn. My rack is a now crappier ooocqsi and the board is closing in on me. I play off an con. My final rack with two tiles left in the bag and one bingo lane through an I is tirnesq I decide to play off the q for 11 and hope for the best. I draw a U. Of course. I am so mad at myself for not tracking. Blah. Game over. Tirunies makes nothing. He plays turd. I think and think and think (I have like ten minutes left) finally I come up with turniest or runtiest...turny...runty...ugh...I go with runtiest to bingo out for the win. He makes the challenge. He asks me if it's good. I shrug. I have NO idea! But... It is! Woo! First win of the day.

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