Friday, January 2, 2009

Penultimate Day

Jaybus this is a long tournament. I'm really starting to feel it...actually I felt it this morning when I crawled out of bed at 9:30. I so wanted to go back to bed. My first opponent was a nice lady. I was not my nicest self though, being that it was early and I was tired, but I felt bad about being a grump, especially after I mauled her by 190 points. Sawy. My next game was with a 14 year old, maybe even 13...UGH. UGH. He DESTROYED ME. First off, we were playing on the new "Diamond Scrabble" board which has all the new colors AND THUSLY SUUUUCCKKKS. I think they should be banned from tournament play...actually, I should have just refused to play on it. But I always try to be accomodating. Blech. He killed me. I mean, in my defense, he got both blanks, zee, ex, all the esses; but in my not defense I had seven turns in a row with single digit or less scores. Not my finest hour. He wiped out my positive spread. He was also frustrating to play with cause I think he has ADD or something and kept like jumping around moving tiles....BLAH. My next game was with another super nice woman from North Carolina. We each got a blank and bingoed early, but then I picked up the rack earlike and I knew that tealike was good -- didn't know about earlike (also didnt realize there was another bingo in that rack, but whatever) so I decided to fish for a tee. I KNOW. Dawn =moron. I used up two turns looking and it didn't come. When I did get another bingo: sealing, I stuck it under up making upe/sealing. She challenged upe. It was no good. I lost a turn and she managed to play on the triple for forty points and draw the last esses in the bag. That was the game. I just gave it away. UPE!!! ARRRGGHHH. That's how I learn.
I hate learning.
I then got beat in the next game by another lady who outtiled me completely.
At lunch my nemesis Adam kept saying that I can't blame the tiles, but I feel like I know when I've lost a game because my opponent is better than I am/I play like crap and when I've lost because the universe wasn't cooperating. Nancy also went into lunch having gone 1-3 in the morning. She was yelling "freaking q" all the way to the restaurant. We both hate Scrabble and are going to take up boggle now.


Eagle_Kiwi said...

U r a HILARIOUS moron ! :-))

I still think u should quit Scrabble and become a writer, but if u won't, then come give ME a game on ISC sometime - at least ONE of us would really enjoy that ! ;-P

(Oh, and I'll be checking to see your final outcome.... anxiously!)

Dawn Summers said...

I would love to play on isc...just have to figure out what that is...

loona said...

Geez, is this the World Series of Scrabble? I can't believe the tournament is still going on. Six days in Albany? Wow!

Dawn Summers said...

I KNOW! And I'm still here and still playing!!

Anonymous said...

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