Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama's America

The roughest, thuggiest, gruff looking black guy you ever did see just beat me in a Scrabble game. I had been undefeated through nine rounds and the loss dropped me back into a three way tie for first and his win brought him up to the four way tie in second. As we both looked at the rankings to see how close the tournament was he goes “Yeah, baby. Dats what I’m talking bout. Ya heard! That’s Scrabble! That’s Scrabble!” And then he fist bumped me. If I weren’t so pissed about falling out of first, I would have been laughing so hard. Bizarre.

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Tobey said...

wtg Staphane! You're head and shoulders against this novice field, as your commentaries attest to. Pick up the bucks while you can. Hi to my friends in AC and good luck tomorrow. Tobey