Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Scrabble is ruining my normal person life

I was placing a telephone order and the customer service representative asked me to read the order number to her. The number was a sequence of letters and numbers which started with NAK, so I started off really easily "N as in Nancy, A as in Apple," then it got crazy "K as in...Kop...Kue...Koa?" Finally I just said "K as in Kay!" Oh man. Yes, someone has been studying her short Kay words. Even now I can't think of a normal word that starts with K, oh kitten! oof.


Yaron said...

"King" is probably the best one. (I have some personal experience in spelling out the 'K'.)

I'm just glad you didn't say "knight".

Dawn Summers said...

hahahaah "Knight" Klassic.